Tunnel formwork is a mechanised system for cellular structures, ensuringhigh levels of dimensional accuracy. With tunnelform, the walls and slab are cast in a single pour.

A small team can produce up to 350 sq meters of floor per day.

As with all Tunnel formwork, the TMPH is comprised of female moulds that are assembled to form a tunnel. The horizontal panel can receive additional infill panels which allow for numerous size options, ensuring a large number of re-utilizations for different operations.


Each half tunnel consists of a horizontal panel and a vertical panel fixed by two triangular bracings to guarantee its stability. Mounted on wheels, it can be easily moved by using a pusher system.
Retractable jacks optimize the settings on site. BAAM© is a flush locking system patented by Outinord, which ensures a perfect link between 2 half tunnel forms.