The innovative construction systems of Outinord allow developers and contractors to reduce their projet completion time, up to 3 times faster than traditional methods. Construction costs are also reduced by over 20% with a superior building quality. The production of Outinord systems is carried out in a 50 000m2 industrial plant which is capable of producing of the producing over 200 000 m2 of formworks per year. The organization of the production revolves around powerful CAD and ERP computer management, combined with intense robotization and cutting edge steel forming technology. Outinord is known by many builders around the world for the high quality and efficiency of its construction methods..



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Outinord was created in 1955 by Charles BAUER with the aim of industrializing the construction process on site. Guy BLONDE, his technical collaborator, came up with a revolutionary solution : "Tunnel Formwork", first used for the construction of housing units in Evry Petit-Bourg, and then for the urban developments of LE CORBUSIER. It was a success and the start of many achievements in France. From 1970, the export market developed in Europe, the Middle East and the U.S. Today Outinord consolidates its position as the preferred construction partner of many international firms.Throughout the evolution of its range of formwork, Outinord has always placed the highest priority on safety. If the watchword of construction sites is productivity, it should never be at the expense of safe working conditions. Today, Outinord is still the world leader on this market.

This state-of-the-art technology, combined
with the skill and creativity of Outinord men and women, enabled the company to be at the heart of spectacular achievement symbols of the indisputable place of Outinord in the construction field.

In all these achievements, the methods and formworks of Outinord are appreciated both for the rapid construction and for the remarkably low unit cost. Since 1955, 12 million homes, in over 100 countries, were built with the Outinord technology, which places it as a world leader in its field.





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